Selling a Home

There are various reasons you may be selling your home ranging from relocating for work, needing a larger home to start a family, the kids moved out and your down-sizing, changes in health lead to a requirement for first-floor living, ect. Regardless of the reason, selling your home can be a very emotional experience that sometimes leads to frustration during the sales and pre-sales process.  You may have lots of memories, time, and money invested in your home.  

One way to reduce the frustration of selling a home is to work with a Real Estate Professional.  Feel free to call us to discuss your plans and review the process for selling your home.

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Listing Price

The most important part of a successful transaction resulting in the sale of your house, is properly setting the list price.  You should be aware of a buyer’s frame of mind.  The buyer and/or the buyer's agent is going to look at the price of similar houses that sold in your area in order to conclude what a reasonable offer will be. 

If your house is listed too high, the Buyer and/or Buyer's agent may not even make an offer even though you may willing to accept a lower sale price.

If you property is priced correctly it should receive multiple offers and sell quickly.  Don't get caught up in waiting for the perfect offer.  The best offer is the one that helps you reach your goal, which is Selling Your House.

Call us today to setup a time to meet with a Real Estate Adviser to discuss:

  • Comparable Properties
  • Analyzing market conditions
  • Assistance with determining offering incentives
  • Estimating your net sale proceeds


Using Comparable Sales

A buyer is not going to care how much money and time you spent investing in the improvements of your home.  Even if they were willing to pay more for the improvements, the bank who is lending them the money will only lend based on the appraised value, which is determined by Comparable Sales of similar properties in your neighborhood and surrounding area.

Market Value

Buyers will be comparing the required improvements and renovations that may be missing from your property compared to other properties actively on the market.  Even though on paper, your house appears to be worth the Comparable Value Range, if you get three or more offers in a different range, then that is more reflective of your Market Value (the value at which a consumer is willing to pay for your home).  It is important to then make a decision as to whether you want to sell at market value or spend the money to make the necessary improvements to sell at the Comparable Value.



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